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Nestled between North and South America is the tropical gem of Central America. From Costa Rica’s luscious rainforests to Guatemala’s ancient ruins of Tikal, Central America offers a range of wonders for all travellers. Discover things to do in Central America including sun-soaked beach days in Nicaragua, volcano hiking in Acatenango and the Old Quarter of Panama . We also have guides on land border crossings and travelling through this region by bus.


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Hi, I’m Char – Londoner that’s relocated to Melbourne. Full time 9-5 / part time traveller, using any opportunity to explore new places. I hope to provide tips and inspiration for travel destinations around the world

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My Experience Moving to Melbourne

After securing a dream job in Melbourne, I made the move over in February 2023. I aim to share as many travel tips for Australia as possible, particularly as I work between Melbourne and Sydney.  


Whether you’re dreaming of urban adventures in vibrant cities, exploring ancient ruins or relaxing on a beach, these travel tips and guides will help plan your next perfect trip.




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I decided to sign up to the London Marathon in 2014 to take on a new challenge, have something to fundraise for and to have an outlet from university stress that wasn’t alcohol fuelled. After running the marathon in 2015, I was hooked and have now run 7 marathons around the world. My goals currently are to complete the 6 World Major Marathons (I have completed London, New York, Chicago and Berlin already – just Tokyo and Boston left!), actually qualify for Boston (this will take a lifetime at this rate), to run an ultra-marathon and – my ultimate goal – finish a full Ironman triathlon. My next big race will be the Singapore marathon in November, but I have several summer/ autumn half marathons lined up too.