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Nestled between North and South America is the tropical gem of Central America. From Costa Rica’s luscious rainforests to Guatemala’s ancient ruins of Tikal, Central America offers a range of wonders for all travellers. Discover things to do in Central America including sun-soaked beach days in Nicaragua, volcano hiking in Acatenango and the Old Quarter of Panama . We also have guides on land border crossings and travelling through this region by bus.


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Hi, I’m Char – Londoner that’s relocated to Melbourne. Full time 9-5 / part time traveller, using any opportunity to explore new places. I hope to provide tips and inspiration for travel destinations around the world

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My Experience Moving to Melbourne

In February 2023, I was given the incredible opportunity to move to Melbourne for a sponsored role. Read more for tips on how to move to Melbourne, what you’ll need to organise when you get there, housing advice and all my travel tips for Australia!


Whether you’re dreaming of urban adventures in vibrant cities, exploring ancient ruins or relaxing on a beach, these travel tips and guides will help plan your next perfect trip.




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Coming from a multi-cultured family, meant I had the privilege of travelling quite a bit growing up. With family across several countries in Europe, East Asia and Oceania, I quickly became obsessed with the diversity of each place. Since then, I’ve travelled to 50+ countries – predominantly as a solo, female backpacker. I hope to pass on any tips I’ve gained along my travels and inspire any other solo, female backpackers to take the plunge and book that trip!