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The Pyramids of Chi

Tucked away in the jungles of Ubud, you’ll find the serene sanctuary of the Pyramids of Chi. Offering a unique blend of ancient and modern wellness practices, the Pyramids of Chi has built a following of devoted visitors. This tranquil sanctuary, inspired by the pyramids of Egypt, is a haven for those seeking spiritual rejuvenation, healing, and relaxation. I was quite skeptical of the effectiveness of these types of sessions. However, after hearing rave reviews from people I met throughout Bali, I decided to give a few sessions a try.

How to Get to the Pyramids of Chi

The best way to get to the Pyramids of Chi is via scooter. It’s located just north of Ubud centre but it isn’t very walkable. There is a small car park just in front of the Pyramids of Chi entrance, so you will be able to park.

I believe they have a shuttle that helps take you back to Ubud centre. However, the three classes I tried were each at 7pm and the shuttle wasn’t still running after the class.

The Cafe

There is a cafe located on site with a range of healthy food options, from all day breakfasts to large plates. As you’d expect from a place like this, the food is vegan, organic, gluten free, sugar free etc. I only ate there once, but had a really tasty zucchini lasagne! I also enjoyed the impressive view of the pyramids with jungle trees in the background. Check out the menu on their site for more information on what’s on offer.

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What Are the Pyramids of Chi?

The Pyramids of Chi are two large, pyramid-shaped structures designed to “harness the natural energies of the earth and amplify the benefits of sound healing”. Created by Australian founders Peter & Lynn McIntosh, this unique venue combines ancient pyramid power with modern sound healing techniques to create a powerful space for meditation and relaxation.

What to Do at The Pyramids of Chi

Sound Healing Sessions

At the heart of the Pyramids of Chi experience are their sound healing sessions. These sessions use a variety of instruments, including gongs, drums, and didgeridoos, to produce therapeutic sounds that help align and balance your body’s energy. The acoustics of the pyramids enhance the vibrations, supposedly promoting deep relaxation and healing.

The Famous Light Sound Vibration – Sound Healing

My first two sessions here were their famous Light, Sound, Vibration classes. On both occasions, I chose to do the 7pm evening sessions in the hopes it would give me a restful sleep. I booked through their official website and was sent confirmation emails containing a QR code. Upon arrival, they’ll scan you code and give you a lanyard with a specific coloured string. This colour will correspond with the class you’re doing. I waited in the cafe, before having a quick briefing on how the Pyramids of Chi work and where I needed to go for my class.

Once in my pyramid, we sat in a circle for a brief introduction to each other and the session itself. The Pyramid had a few rows of water beds lined up, with blankets and eye masks. Without giving too much away, you lie on the water beds and the main lights are dimmed.

LSV Pyramids of chi

Once the session starts, you’ll experience various flashing lights overhead and hear different sounds, like the didgeridoo. It was a very unique experience and I left feeling very relaxed and much lighter. I would say your experience will be largely influenced by the people around you. My first class was packed and the guy next to me fell asleep, snoring throughout the session. Whereas the second one was very empty and undisturbed throughout.

Meditation and Yoga

The Pyramids of Chi offer guided meditation and yoga classes in their peaceful environment. These sessions are designed to help you connect with your inner self, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. The serene setting makes it an ideal place for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Workshops and Retreats

Throughout the year, the Pyramids of Chi host various workshops and retreats focused on wellness, spirituality, and personal growth. These programs are led by experienced facilitators and cover a range of topics, from mindfulness and breath-work to sound therapy and energy healing.

Healing Services

In addition to sound healing, the Pyramids of Chi offer a variety of other healing services. These include Reiki and chakra balancing all aimed at promoting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed my time at the Pyramids of Chi. If nothing else, it’s a very relaxing area with beautiful scenery and no street noise. The cafe serves good, healthy food and the shop is filled with a variety of wellness products and souvenirs. There are so many different types of classes so definitely spend time on their site going through different options.

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